Newsletter April 2022

In March we had the "Vaartroute" with just over 80 participants. The results are online. Also in March, we had the info night where there were only about 30 listeners for our speakers. At both events we received very positive feedback. Yet we decide that we will not put energy into an information evening.

Monday 4/4 at 8 am the registrations open for the "Pinksterlopen" on Sunday 5 June (10-50-100km) and also the subscriptions for the 6h of Aalter (choice of 1 or 6 hours) on Sunday 7 July. When you go to "Calendar-Results-Subscribe" in our menu, there will be a link to an English registration page for each event. Keep in mind that for the Backyard the cheapest rate is valid through Sunday 3/4. So be quick to register. We also want to make an extra appeal for the 2° M&M Stage run. When we do not have 5 registrations by Monday evening 18 April we will cancel the stage race. We will then keep some separate stages.

We would like to call for a volunteer to review our English pages. Would you like to join our team. Send us an email. Thank you in advance.

With the start of the Easter vacations, we are already looking forward to the 2° Backyard. A concept we enjoyed immensely from the sidelines last time. But also to the Castles route, Whitsun run, 6 hours of Aalter and much more. We hope to see you again soon. See you soon.