Newsletter February'22

The Bostrails Aalter are behind us and the complete archive with photos, reactions, ... is available online. 

This month, we will focus on the shorter distances we offer. On 20 February there is the breakfast run. On 19 and 20 March you can run a 13km during the Vaartroute. And on Friday 15 April you can get to know the Backyard principle by running 1, 2 or 3 laps of 6,7km during the Backyard mini

The first upcoming event is the M&M 2-daagse with a 24 hours run which also counts as the Belgian Championship, a triple marathon (either you run one or two) and the breakfast run which we mentioned earlier. The preregistrations run until 6 February. Registrations until 6 February benefit from the best price, technical T-shirt (included for the 24h runners, others can order extra) and can participate in the BK.

In March, our (Dutch) Runnerstalk information evening will follow. And the Vaartroute.

Also a practical announcement. Were you registered for the Sinterklaastrail or the Bostrails Aalter and you could not be there. Then you can still fill in your details for a refund via your changelink. The refunds that have not yet been made will be bundled and paid back in the week of 14 February. Maybe you can make someone else happy with it.