Piseach! M&M 2-days

Piseach! M&M 2 days stands for 2 days of running fun. What can you expect?
- 24 hour run
Will you be in to this 24 hour run? YES!! We will have the IAU-bronze label. So you can run a qualification for Spartathlon and other races or National teams. There will also be a result for 100 mile (exact), 100 km (a little more). You even have a chance to win the Belgian title in the 24h discipline.
- 3 marathons
Either you have the possibility to run one or more marathons. 
- Breakfastrun
On sundaymorning 23th you  can take part in a breakfastrun. You are free to start from 07h00 until 11h00 (finish breakfastrun). After this run you can enjoy your breakfast!
Breakfast without running? Yes you can!! Just sign in!!

Date: Saturday 22th - Sunday 23th of February 2020

Start time: 24 hours - 22th of February at 16h00. Marathon - 22th of February at 16h00, 22h00 and 23th of February at 09h00. The starting time of the breakfastrun (23th of February) is 07h00.

Cut off time: For all races cut off time is Sunday 23th of February at 16h00.

Award ceremony: Afternoonmarathon: 22th of February at 21h00 - Nightmarathon: 23th of February at 03h00 - Morningmarathon: 23th of February - 24h run: 23th of February at 18h00

Course: Closed round about 1km in the area of the Emmaüs Institute in Aalter.

Entry fee
24h:               €90 (09/02)/ €100 (for the BK, only signing in in advance will be possible!!!)
Marathon:     €20 (09/02) / €30   
Breakfastrun: €6 (09/02)/ €8

Kind-in prices

Location: Emmaus Institute, Sint-Gerolflaan 20, 9880 Aalter

Participants? List